Mentors introducing their research.

Participants Research

Participants present their research work in a 10-minute presentation.

Speed Networking

Participants spend one minute talking to everyone.

International Collaborations

Tools and techniques to form and work in international research teams.

Funding Landscape

 Overview of current funding landscape in UK/Brazil.

Educational Practice

 Learn/practice with educational kits from GEDAE for a field visit.


 Mentoring groups with participants meeting/discussing together.

Field Visit

 Visit off-grid Santa Rosa community, near Belém. See off-grid technologies, conduct an educational workshop in school.

Identifying collaborations:

Discussion among participants who have common fields of interest, forming potential project groups.


Presenting how to achieve impact from research.

Writing bids

 Group workshop to co-develop abstract for a potential project.

Career Development

 How to move your career forward in academia.

How to write a paper

 From a member of Elsevier team on how to write a high impact paper.

Managing Research Team

The skills needed to manage successful, large, interdisciplinary research team.


 Bid teams prepare presentations to discuss research ideas.